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AG Cigar Lounge Blog
Monday, 28 June 2010
A G Cigars Raffle Winners

We hope everyone had a great time this past Saturday with the Padrons. Orlando and Cesar enjoyed meeting and talking with the A G Cigar family and friends and they look forward to a return visit. Mike and I would like to extend a personal thank you to everyone who attended our annual A G Cigars event with the Padrons.  Unfortunately time ran short and we were unable to pull the raffle winners on Saturday, but we have the winners available now.

Grand Prize

Padron Hand Carved Hand Painted 40th Anniversary Humidor and Cigars

Winner: Terrance Ellis

We also had quite a few raffles for cigar accessories, caps and visors.

 Derek Odom:    Padron cap,Padron Visor, Lotus Lighter and an A G Cigars 15 count travel humidor

Virgil Merritt:   Xikar Xi Cutter

Robert Blasius:   Padron Cap, A G Cigars Cap and Xikar Cutter

Calvin Hunter:   Padron Cap and Lotus Lighter

Terrance Ellis:   2 Padron Caps, Lotus Lighter and Xikar Cutter

Tony 'Porkchop' Perkins:   Padron Cap and A G Cigars Cap

Mark Lincoln:   Padron Cap

Sheldon:   Padron Cap

James:   Padron Cap and Xikar Punch Cutter

Carl Crass:   Padron Cap

Jose Castro:   Padron Cap

Jemello:   Padron Cap

Marc Vogel:   Padron Cap and Lotus Lighter

Digger Dan:   Padron Cap

Don McMillian:   A G Cigars 10 Travel Humidor, A G Cigars Cap and Padron Visor

Larry Browning:   Padron Cap, Xikar Cutter, Padron Visor and A G Cigars Travel Humidor

Roger Hornsby:   A G Cigars Travel Humidor, Xikar Cutter and Padron Visor

Richard Brock:   Xikar Cutter and Padron Visor

Cliff Ryan:   Xikar Punch Cutter

Byron Furlow:   Lotus Lighter

Isaac:   Padron Visor

Marshall:   Padron Visor

Doc Coleman:   Padron Visor

Josh Taves:   Xikar Punch Cutter

Mike Lamar:   A G Cigars Travel Humidor


Posted by agcigarboxes at 1:32 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 28 June 2010 2:53 PM EDT

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